Cut costs, save time and money! The warehousing of goods is one of the most important activities done by logisticians.

Goods warehousing services in commercial warehouses adjusted for modern handling of goods, with a total available area of 3000 m² (32292 ft²).

Managing the warehousing process consists of optimizing it with regards to the cost, and performing handling tasks that have the goal of delivering goods in good condition to the buyer.
We offer an excellent warehousing service in commercial warehouses with a total available area of 3000 m² (32292 ft²) adjusted for modern handling of goods.
Our current services include:
  • loading and unloading, placement of goods
  • shipment control, repackaging, labelling
  • photographing goods and documenting vehicles coming in and out
  • preparing the documents at the exit of goods from the warehouse to the final destination


Our warehousing areas are located at Lupoglav 8, 52426 Lupoglav, near the Istrian Y highway, the Učka tunnel, and all the important road routes.